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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  January 18, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00 is. tonight from the crowds to security to last minute preparations we are covering every angle of the upcoming
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inauguration. >> plus wrapping up a workweek filled with rain and cold temperatures. >> and maryland reveals its own plans for gun control reform, what the governor is proposing and how critics are responding. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm maureen umeh. just three days until inauguration and last minute preps underway. >> excitement is kicking into high gear. fox 5's audrey barnes begins our inauguration coverage tonight. >> reporter: there's a different kind of energy in the city already, a whole lot of out of towners arriving for the inaugural festivities this weekend. i interviewed people from san jose, california, to miami, florida, and several places in between and let me tell you they are ready to party. the doors hadn't even opened yet and people were already lining up outside blues alley in georgetown to hear dawn and group in vogue perform.
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their shows are sold out which is one reason operations director chris ross is loving this inauguration weekend already. >> we had some people came in last night late and they're like we're here from chicago for the inauguration. let's party. so it's starting. >> reporter: this is the first stop on an action packed cross- country odyssey for george nawatha from san jose, california, who is looking forward to the public swearing in ceremony monday. >> i couldn't miss it this time because this was a great opportunity for it to come around again. so i couldn't miss it for anything. >> reporter: these two friends met while working on president obama's campaign four years ago and reunited in d.c. at hamilton's bar and restaurant for the start of a within of celebrating. >> i was here last time and it was imagine cal. >> reporter: those women worked on the president's reelection campaign, too, so now kristen can get a taste of the inauguration excitement, too. >> it was the atmosphere that everyone really loved and it was contagious and just the energy and excitement and i
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really want to experience that. >> reporter: at hamilton's nearly the entire staff will be on hand the next four days to accommodate the inauguration crowd. they're one of about 160 bars and restaurants with extended hours through next tuesday. >> so friday through monday we're open till 4 a.m. the bars will be open till then and 3 a.m. we will be serving our full menu until then as well. >> reporter: and with all the downtown hotspots decked out in their red, white and blue bunting the bell sisters from miami couldn't click their photos fast enough and they're filled with excitement about what's to come during the rest of this inauguration weekend. >> the people, the historical experience and just the overall gladness of obama getting reelected. >> reporter: if you still need ideas about what to do, we have a lot of that information, parties, where to go, all the fun on our website
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also arriving in town today national guard members from across the country. they'll help keep crowds moving on monday. fox 5's matt ackland has this story. >> reporter: 300 members from the pennsylvania national guard were among the first to arrive friday morning. a check-in came first, then a swearing in as national guard soldiers and airmen were given arrest powers by d.c. police. >> i will faithfully enforce the laws of the united states of america and the district of columbia. >> in a short period, 36 hours, approximately 6,000 national guard soldiers and airmen will be welcomed to washington d.c. at one of our three reception locations. >> reporter: the national guard members will be placed in the central part of the city for the most part. many will help with security during the inaugural parade. some of them will also work
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later that night here near the convention have to provide security for the inaugural balls. there are so many national guard members in town six schools will be turned into hotels and military cooks will prepare 18,000 meals a day. >> i've never been to an inauguration, so it's really an honor to have the opportunity to come down. >> reporter: for sergeant first class doug frank he says his job is traffic control and to help wherever he's needed. >> just to ensure that everybody has a safe enjoyable time. >> reporter: in the district matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> members of the national guard will not be arounded but expect to see some of them driving around in military vehicles. four years ago things went smoothly. the national guard wasn't forced to arrest anyone. [ band playing ] the marine band is prepping for monday's inauguration parade. they will provide the music for the inauguration swearing in ceremony at the capitol and also perform in the parade.
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this is their 54th inauguration. the marine band debuted in 1801 for a top jefferson swearing in ceremony in d.c. the question is what can we expect for monday's inauguration weatherwise? fox 5's gary mcgrady joins us with a look at the forecast. you know because we talked about it earlier. it's going to be pretty cold it looks like on inauguration day. let me just say this, though, ahead of inauguration day, of course, the weekend is real important, too, because we've got all the visitors in our fair city. let me show you this graphic because what you see here is it's going to keep the coldest of the air up north of us through the weekend, okay? on monday this all begins to change. i think some of the colder weather will actually begin to pull in here on monday. now the coldest is going to be tuesday, wednesday, thursday, but notice a big difference on actually inauguration day because this cold air is really going to start settling in.
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in terms of the specifics, through the day on inauguration day what we can think about here, we start off cold, temperature of 30 degrees, going to be a little breezy, too okay? temperature by noon time is right around 37 degrees and while you see a snowflake there for 4:00, it's not accumulating snow. we may just have some very light snow showers blowing from the north and northwest as the leading edge of some really cold arctic air starts to move on in. while it's going to be cold and breezy, you'll have to prepare. bundle up if you're going outside, layers. you know the drill. it's typically pretty cold around here on inauguration day. >> that it is. thanks. coming up at 10:30 the rush to get to the d.c. convention ready for the inaugural events and stay with fox 5 for complete coverage of monday's inauguration all day long both on air and online at we'll broadcast the president's swearing in ceremony and the parade that follows live.
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the fox 5 morning team kicks off coverage bright and early at 4 a.m. another big story, maryland governor martin o'malley is unveiling his plan to tighten gun safety in the state. among the changes, a move to ban military assault style weapons which could be difficult to pass. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has this story. >> reporter: maryland governor martin o'malley's plan targets gun ownership, school safety and mental illness. >> the only place military assault weapons is on a battlefield. >> reporter: banning assault weapons is part of a plan that also limits ammunition magazines to 10 rounds, gun owners reny licenses every five years and ban -- renew-s every five years and ban anyone from under -- renew licenses every five years and ban anyone from under 21 from owning a gun. $25 million will go to improving security at maryland schools. >> many of us visit our schools and we know in some places it's
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easier to walk in the doors than it is in other schools. >> reporter: and the governor wants state mental health agencies to prevent dangerous mental patients from buying guns. >> but it could well be that the actions we take could very well prevent another tragedy like newtown. >> reporter: but just one month after the connecticut shooting some gun right advocates are concerned over what they see is a rush to pass new laws. >> quick responses are not always effective responses and sometimes they're not even legal responses. >> reporter: john malcomb of heritage foundation we comes o'malley's move to keep guns out of the hans of mental patients but -- hands of mental patients but says in other proposals punish lawful gun owners. >> the last majority of people owning guns in this country aren't committing crimes and don't want guns in the hands of people who do commit crimes, certainly the mentally ill. >> reporter: the governor's profile now goes before the state legislature where an
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intense debate is expected. the governor was asked also today about the idea of putting armed guards or police officers into maryland schools and while this was not part of the proposal today it has garnered support in many recent polls. governor o'malley says it is an idea he is willing to discuss. in the newsroom tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. a virginia senate panel advanced a law that would require all gun buyers to undergo a background check at gun shows. right now only federally licensed dealers have to run background checks. if the measure passes, individual buyers will have the same requirements. the panel rejected legislation to require background checks on private sales. up next disturbing new numbers on the flu epidemic. >> plus a local lawmaker accused of abusing his power, the trial underway and we are hearing some eye raising details. >> on the news edge at 11:00 confessions from a disgraced champion continue tonight. we'll be right back. >> stay with us, fox 5 news at
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health officials say nine more children or teens have died from the flu bringing the total number of deaths this season from the flu to 29. half of all cases are people 65 and older. the flu is widespread in all states but tennessee and hawaii, starting to ease in some areas. meantime health officials in maryland have confirmed the first flu-related pediatric death. the baltimore child tested positive for influenza. what's the current flu situation in our area? fox 5's john henrehan takes a look. >> reporter: although some pharmacies like this safeway in germantown had flu vaccine available, not all walk-in patients are always accommodated. >> the sad part about it is cvs and grocery stores don't give it to kids. so that's been our looking around to find out who had it and my wife found this 1. >> reporter: christopher swain brought his daughter gabrielle
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to a montgomery county health department flu clinic in germantown where the 5-year-old was not convinced this was a good idea. [ crying ] >> you're a big girl. we're all done. >> reporter: even as national numbers of flu-like illnesses begin to decline slightly, health authorities say it is still a good idea to get a flu shot. >> you really need the shot because there are individuals in our communities that do have flu and we really want to stop the spread of flu and the more people who get vaccinated, the more we'll be able to stop that spread of flu. >> reporter: the health practitioners at this county clinic had time and vaccine for 200 inoculations and demand was high because of the continuing prevalence of flu. >> i've seen a lot of people in my school that have been sick. some of them are missing a week. it's kind of tough. >> reporter: some people are at this county cling because they couldn't find flue -- clinic because they couldn't
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find flu vaccine at their local clinic or pharmacy. >> i went to giants, cvs locally and couldn't find it. we did find flu vaccine at this safeway far, but this giant pharmacy was running very low by lunchtime and this cvs has had no flu vaccine for a week. an independent pharmacy in northwest d.c. is also completely out of flu vaccine, but everything is hit and miss. for example, the cvs pharmacy in the belleview neighborhood of fairfax county is out of flu vaccine, but the minuteclinic within that cvs pharmacy does have flu vaccine. so if you're looking for a flu shot, you'll have to do some telephone research. john henrehan, fox 5 news. good news when it comes to cancer in this country, the overall death rate for cancer has dropped by nearly 1/5 over the past two decades and death
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rates fell by 24% for men, 16% for women. the decline translates into more than a million lives saved over the past two decades. police asking for the public's help in identifying a man who assaulted and robbed an elderly woman outside safeway earlier this month. he approached the victim from behind before throwing her to the ground and took off with an undisclosed amount of money. anyone with information is asked to contact crime solvers or montgomery county police. a district man will soon know his fate for a crime he committed last year. 25-year-old khalif turner robbed this 7-eleven in clinton, maryland. it was caught on tape. the video showed the scary scenario for the innocent bystander robbed at gunpoint. police caught turner after a short chase but his accomplices got away. turner has a long history of criminal behavior and now faces nearly 247 years behind bars. >> when you're facing that amount of time, you're looking at what would be considered a life sentence i would think and
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certainly that's something we're very pleased of. this is something who is a repeat offender. >> turner will be sentenced in march. luckily no one was hurt during that robbery. testimony in the misconduct trial of anne arundel county executive john leopold got underway today with a member of his office staff describing what she viewed as illegal activity, officers on the protection detail taking part in the activity. fox 5's paul wagner has the story. >> reporter: in his opening start to the judge the state prosecutor said john leopold abused -- statement to the judge the state prosecutor said john leopold abused and misused the public trust saying leopold is accountable for his conduct, misgrievous use of county employees for his own personal gain, but the defense attorney had a different take telling the judge dennis sweeney four of the five charges against his client do not violate the law under the state's criminal statutes and told the judge the
10:19 pm
charges defied logic because leopold's behavior was the worst kept secret in the world. as testimony got underway, the state's first witness was patricia medlin, john leopold's scheduler. well over an hour medlin repeatedly said she was nervous as the defense objected dozens of times to the questions she was asked. when medlin was allowed to answer, she told the court she was afraid to say no to john leopold. she was an at will employee and knew saying no to the man would be viewed as being disloyal. so medlin said she erected campaign signs for the county executive and emptied his catheter bag numerous times after leopold had bag surgery and said he couldn't do it himself. medlin said she stood up to leopold at 1 time telling the county executive that using officers from his executive protection detail to check on campaign signs was illegal. medlin also told the court she knew leopold had two officers stay with him when he was
10:20 pm
hospitalized on two different occasions for the sole purpose of keeping his lover from running into his live-in girl friend. the state then called former po shanahan to the stand who told the court political activity by any member of the executive protection detail is forbidden. two other witnesses, lieutenant katherine goodwin seen on the left, and former anne arundel county executive janet owens on the right, both told the court any kind of political activity on the executive protection detail was not allowed with owens adding she never asked any officer to help her put up campaign signs or help her politically in any way. john leopold is facing four counts of misconduct in office as well as one other charge. he's also facing a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by several women, some of them who used to work for the county executive and at least one of those women was attending the trial today listening to testimony. in annapolis paul wagner, fox 5
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news. former new orleans mayor ray nagin has been indicted on federal charges, 21 corruption charges including accusations of wire fraud, bribery, money laundering. indictments step from allegations of corruption at city hall during nagin's two terms in office. he was accused of accepting payoffs, free trips and gratuities from contractors while new orleans was struggling to recover from hurricane katrina. two former employees and businessmen have already pleaded guilty. a developing story overseas, an american killed in the hostage crisis in algeria, but the standoff isn't over, the latest is coming up next. also ahead. >> reporter: the buildup to monday's presidential inauguration is in full swing this friday afternoon, perhaps nowhere more so than at the d.c. convention center. i'm bob barnard. i'll tell you why and take you on a behind the scenes tour. 
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new developments in the hostage crisis in algeria, one american is dead in the dramatic standoff led by an al- qaeda-linked terror group. the u.s. says it's working with the algerian government to assess what's happening. it's said hundreds of people are held at a remote gas facility. the militant are wagering more attacks as they try to make a deal for terrorists in custody. >> reporter: some of the hostages were taken to a nearby hospital after injuries sustained in the ordeal. >> it happened so fast. >> thanks to algerian army and hospital, they are taking good care of us and we are lucky that we are still alive. >> reporter: the algerian military has been criticized by some international leaders for
10:26 pm
not letting them know in advance of the operation, but many former hostages expressed their thanks to algerian forces for getting them out. >> i think they did a fantastic job, was very impressed with the algerian army. >> as much as i'm glad to be out, i feel safe at the moment. >> i feel safe at the moment, but i won't feel 100% happy till i'm back in the u can. >> reporter: the full picture of the crisis is still -- uk. >> reporter: the full picture of the crisis is still unclear. the hostages one the hostages traded for the mastermind behind the 1993 world trade center attack jailed in the united states, the state department making its position crystal clear. >> the united states does not negotiate with terrorists. >> reporter: defense secretary leon panetta was in london today to meet with british
10:27 pm
prime minister david cameron. washington says it's in close contact with both the british and algerian governments to keep on top of what is happening. in london amy kellogg, fox news. up next the last minute work before the inaugural events kick off. >> plus if you have ever gone to the inaugural parade, chances are you've heard his voice. he'll join us in studio next to talk about the job he's done since 1949. 
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. the first official inaugural events kick off tomorrow in communities across country and on the national mall, a day devoted to national service. fox 5's bob barnard tells us about some last minute work being done to get one important place ready for what's in store. >> reporter: the d.c. convention center is hosing all three official inaugural events -- hosting all three official inaugural event. this place is buzzing right
10:31 pm
now. there were six inaugural balls here four years ago, the three this time around being a kids concert, the children's inaugural saturday night in this hall. then monday night the inaugural ball in this same space. tickets were available to the general public and the commander in chief ball in this room mostly enlisted members and their families. >> it's incredibly important to the first and second families because it is their way of saying how much we appreciate these members of the military who are going overseas fighting for our country and defending us across the globe. so we wanted to make sure just as president bush did in 2005 we honor that with their own ball with their commander in chief. >> reporter: for the first time service members and their same sex partners are invited to the commander in chief's ball. greg odell is the man responsible for making the convention center gala ready. >> i have a great people.
10:32 pm
we've been through this before. we've hosted three inaugurations in this building alone and we've hosted inaugurations all the way back through reagan's second. we're on our game ready to go. >> reporter: they aren't sure how many will danny these events. cheapest tickets -- attend these events. cheapest tickets were 60 bucks. we're reminded saturday is a national day of service across the country. >> this isn't just the celebration of the president. it's about the strength and drive and resiliency of the american people. so we want our communities, friends and neighbors to step up, perform acts of service, commit to each other to help make each others lives better through service and that would be a great legacy of this inaugural. >> reporter: if you don't have a ticket, you can stop by and pick up official inaugural swag here at this makeshift inaugural store on the street level. at the d.c. convention center in northwest, bob barnard, fox 5 news. we're learning about some of the a list talent coming to
10:33 pm
town for monday's festivities. alicia keys, brad paisley, chris cornell, jennifer fox, marc anthony will perform at the commander in chief's ball. john lend, smokey robinson, and usher will be at the other ball. >> this will be your 16th consecutive nomination. you always have the best seat in the house in the very front. you've done of inauguration since harry truman in 1949. >> correct. >> not dating you, but how did you get started? >> in 1949 i was going to an announcing school. i wanted to be a sports announcer and so the trumans was the first inaugural parade to be on television. so they needed announcers. so they came in the broadcast and i was one of those selected and the next thing i know i in
10:34 pm
griffiths stadium as the stadium announcer and that is traditional to have the president of the united states throw out the first ball. so my responsibility as the public relations and the announcer is to welcome the president, introduce him to some of the players, walk him around. so we're buddies for about 10 minutes. >> isn't that great. >> then i introduce him and i thought that was the end of that. i was wrong. in november of 1956, that same baseball season, but the season is now over i get a call from the white house and she says are you charlie bratman and i said yes, ma'am. i thought i was in trouble. >> i bet. >> finally she says well, you must have made an impression on president eisenhower because he wants you to introduce him again and i said where and when? she says well, the where would be pennsylvania avenue in
10:35 pm
washington d.c. the when is january 20th, 1957. >> my goodness. >> i said wait a minute. i'm a native washingtonian. that's the presidential inaugural parade and she says yes, sir. you'll be the president's announcer. >> my goodness. you described your job as being the eyes and ears of the president for the event. why do you say that? >> well, what happens is the president is rather low just as we are right here, street level, and i'm high. i'm like three stories up. he sees what's right in the middle. he doesn't know who is coming, who is going and so the eyes and ears, i'm high, i got binoculars and so i see he's approaching and basically as the announcer ladies and gentlemen approaching the presidential reviewing stand, the united states marine corps band! meanwhile they are right there.
10:36 pm
he knows when to stand, when to salute, when to put the hand over the heart and it was kind of funny because i'm casual, informal on the microphone and then when the white house representative says you are the eyes and ears of the president, i said i wish you hadn't told me. oh, my gosh, the pressure and pressure. >> do you have a favorite inauguration moment or favorite inauguration you've announced for? >> well, what happened, i think that the personality of the president has an extension into the parade. >> yeah. >> ronald reagan brought in half of hollywood here and to me that's show biz and it really was exciting and so i consider his parade normally takes two, 2 1/2 hours, his was over four hours. >> in the cold. >> it was cold, oh. if anybody goes out there,
10:37 pm
dress for the weather, not the parade. >> indeed. i've got to ask this. any plans to stop? we don't want you to, but got to ask. >> i think when i'm 120 i'll think about retirement. >> so we've got your help for quite a while. >> i hope. so. >> it's an honor and pleasure. we cannot wait to hear you again monday. have you met president obama, by the way? >> i have met every other president except obama at this point and one of the women who is the director of the parade basically said i will take care of that personally. >> you've got to. we're putting it out there. mr. president, you've got to meet our fixture here, our legend, charlie bratman. it's such a pleasure meeting you. continued success to you. we'll look for you monday and mary you monday. thanks. >> i -- and hear you monday. thanks. >> i hope it's not too cold. >> gary has the forecast coming
10:38 pm
up later. >> i'll be watching. your weekend and inauguration day forecast are coming up next. >> plus changes are coming to security at the airport. you will probably be glad to see this technology getting the boot.
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a new report shows d.c. police failed to investigate many sex assaults. according to the human rights watch police never filed indent report for at least 170 attacks over three years. the sex assault cases came in from the washington hospital center where victims are sent for forensic examinations. an incident report is required if any kind of investigation is done. d.c. chief lanier says she's got doubts about the report. a man attacked a woman on a
10:42 pm
subway platform before throwing her onto the tracks. you can see the man approach the woman while seemingly asking a question, then grabbing her, drag her off the bench onto the tracks. the suspect picked up the woman's cell phone before leaving the scene. police took a man matching the description into custody and say he was still carrying the woman's cell phone. >> a sergeant from the transit police observed this individual at 15th and jfk and he was apprehended still in possession of the victim's phone and wearing that jacket. >> the woman managed to climb back onto the platform before the next train came. she suffered bumps and bruises. coming up tonight on the news edge at 11:00 a new year and new plan to make it more convenient to get around d.c. >> plus putting the debt debate on hold, the short term fix republicans are set to vote on next week, that and more tonight at 11:00. [ male announcer ] verizon fios is the fastest internet in america.
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the tsa will remove those controversial full body x-ray scanners. more than 100 scanners show naked pictures of passengers yanged from airports across the u.s. the -- yanked from airports across the u.s. the order was made this week after it was learned less intrusive machines have been developed. tsa said pulling these machines will not weaken its ability to fight terrorism. >> that's the challenge we deal with. we face a terrorist group that is innovative in their design, their construction and concealment of devices. so that's why tsa provides security at our 450 airports. >> tsa says it will not get rid of the body scanner that shows a generic image when a passenger walks through. the administration is touting the success of its tsa precheck program that allows passengers to keep their shoes and belts on through security if they give up necessary personal information before the flight. talking weather.
10:47 pm
you heard mr. bratman talk about inauguration. what you got for us? >> isn't he in the enclosed structure? >> yeah. but he says it still gets cold out there which you guys can attest you. you were there four years ago freezing your you know what off. >> that's the coldest i've ever been was four years ago tomorrow. >> that high that day was 30. we didn't have a lot of sunshine and a little breeze. it should be a little warmer. >> after five hours 30, it feels like minus 30. >> i'll be here in the warm studio. let me make sure my microphone is on. can you hear me now? maybe you didn't want to hear that because it's going to be cold around here. look, enjoy this weekend. it will be breezy. the conditions will be gusty winds and temperatures in the mid- to upper 40s. that's going to be a whole lot warmer than what it's going to be next week because the leading edge of arctic air
10:48 pm
starts coming in probably late sunday night, early monday morning and then it's going to drain through next week. so it will be a lot colder out there in the coming days. 32 in town. it's been cold enough this evening, 30 gaithersburg and dulles 30 degrees right now, culpeper 28. you can see out in the suburbs with clear skies and the winds have lightened up. that will be the trend tonight, much colder temperatures in the suburbs. 40 the high today in d.c. probably didn't feel that way with the wind blowing most of the day, but that was the official high of the super cold for international falls, 12 degrees -- official high. super cold for international falls 12 degrees there and there is warm air coming all the way up into the tennessee valley and ohio valley, cincinnati 40. we tap into some of this. tomorrow will be in the mid- to upper 40s, looks like we'll pretty much be there sunday as
10:49 pm
well and the cold air from canada will make a big push moving into the latter portion of the weekend and by monday it starts coming on in just in time for the inauguration, right? clear skies now, snow to the north of us and look how clear it is pack into the central plains, a -- back into the central plains, a few clouds back to the midwest and great lake states. we may have one or two clouds. otherwise i think the wind will be up around 10 to 20 miles per hour. we'll have gusts 20 to 25 at times tomorrow. so even though temperatures will be mid- to upper 40s it's going to feel much colder. pretty much the same sunday as well. this front will start moving through sunday. we'll still get into the 40s and have good amounts of sunshine on sunday and the leading edge of the arctic air sunday will still be well north of us, but this will start coming in and kind of pushing its way through monday.
10:50 pm
maybe you saw the inauguration great for monday. there may be some snow showers -- inauguration weather for monday. there may be some snow showers. we'll probably see a few monday afternoon and evening. tonight's low in the city 28, colder in the suburbs where some places may get to the lower 20s, winds south 10 to 15 miles per hour. if you're up and out early tomorrow morning, bundle up. it will be cold even with the sunshine. the temperature tomorrow will start off about 30 degrees at 8 a.m., 43 at noon. we'll have gusty winds. it will be breezy even late day, temperatures tomorrow for highs mid- to upper 40s around the area, perhaps a little cooler sunday, but still good amounts of sunshine. i think again the headlines for the weekend will be above normal, but breezy. so it will make it feel on the cool side. 38 officially with some snow showers on inauguration day and much, much colder.
10:51 pm
tuesday maybe gets up to 30 degrees, but it will be breezy. so it will never feel like that. wednesday and thursday we'll be hovering around freezing for high temperatures. >> thanks, gary. it's been a huge week in washington from inauguration preps to the gun control debate. we sat down with fox news sunday host chris wallace to talk about the big topics he's covering this week including david plouff, senior advisor to president obama. >> we'll talk about the president's agenda for the second term and part of that obviously is gun control. generally speaking, i think the word, the feel you get is this president will be much more combative during his second term, much more confrontational than he was over the last four years. he's come to the conclusion, right or wrong, that he can't make deals with republicans. so he's going to play an outside game, try to build up support among voters and get them to pressure their representatives to see it his
10:52 pm
way. so it will be very interesting to see on gun control, on the debt, on immigration reform whether that's the way to get action. >> talk about gun control, another guest you'll have this week is senator roy blunt who i heard talking about his reaction to president obama's gun control speech saying he really didn't think the president was doing a lot to compromise and that he thought that the legislation proposed to have a little bite to it. he's going to be on with you. what are you talking about with him? >> again, the whole second term agenda, but a lot of that will be gun control. the general feeling i think up on capitol hill, maureen, is getting the assault weapons ban will be tough. it will be a little easier to get some kind of limit on the size of these big magazines that can hold 30 or 100 rounds of ammunition. the thing that's getting overwhelming support in the polls, 90%, is the idea of a universal background check, that every sale of a gun whether it's from the registered federal dealer,
10:53 pm
whether it's at a gun show or a private sale that, there has to be some kind of background check to see whether somebody has a criminal background, a mental health problem. i think that has a pretty good chance in some form of getting through. there seems to be almost universal support. >> you're also talking about the debt ceiling, three-month extension on that. >> the interesting development is that house republicans had a retreat in williamsburg and just came out with word they want to extend the debt ceiling for about two, three months because they don't -- they want to have a battle over spending with the president but not over the possibility of default. they know that would tank the economy. it would rile up the financial marks. i think they'll kick that down -- markets. i think they'll kick that down the road and have a fight over sequestration. one way or another they'll have a logger head with the president when it comes to cuts
10:54 pm
and dramatic spending. >> your power play of the week? >> reverend ruiz leon, the church of the president. i've lived in washington 30 plus years and never been inside the church, driven past it plenty. beautiful place. presidents have gone there since 1816. president obama will go there for his preinaugural worship service monday. >> speaking of inauguration, big plans for ask you? are you attending any balls? >> thank god, no. i'm way too old for that. the inaugural ball has the best name and the worst reality of anything i know in washington, but i will cover the inaugural ceremony. i'm very excited about that. >> as will we. we'll see you this sunday. coming up next talk about a lucky find, how much money do you think this 12-pound gold nugget is worth? the answer after the break. and now that's my take with wttg vice president and general manager duffy dyer. >> it took a while but i'm
10:55 pm
finally over the redskins loss to the seahawks. it's been almost two weeks since that devastating loss. i'm amazed how many people are still talking about the redskins. all the talk isn't about their 10-6 season or east division title. it's about the knee, the right knee of rg3, the knee that couldn't make it out of its first pro season without being extensively damaged, the knee that played one play too many, the knee that we will continue to talk about and lose sleep over until rg3 takes his first big hit upon his return to the field. so how did we get here? growing number of fans believe the redskins did not properly manage their star player allowing the player, a 22-year- old rookie to, make decisions that are typically the responsibility of the team's coaches, namely head coach mike shanahan. there's a lot of head shaking in the region over this. why risk the health of the team's most electrifying player when they have an able backup in kirk cousins? why allow your star player who was obviously performing way
10:56 pm
below his normal high level to continue to drag his right leg through the painted dirt at fedex field? if the redskins want to rack up more division titles and drive deeper into the playoffs in their years to company, their player management strategy should be rethought. responsibility for making playing decisions needs to be put back in the hands of the coaches with guidance from team doctors no matter how insistent, stubborn or intimidating the player might be. rg3 in the last quarter of his rookie season did not give the redskins the best chance for victory. rg3 may have thought so, but what he thought shouldn't have let me know what you think. go to and click on that's my take or send me an e-mail at
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